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Web site of Zbigniew ZEMBATY,
professor of structural dynamics,
Faculty of Civil Engineering and Architecture, Opole University of Technology, 45-951 Opole ul.Katowicka 48, Poland
e-mail:, fax: +48 77 4 543 318
Main research areas:
Civil engineering structural dynamics, random vibrations and stochastic methods, reliability theory, system identification in structural dynamics, Structural Health Monitoring, seismic engineering and engineering seismology.
Personal data:
surname: Zembaty, names: Zbigniew, Jan
date of birth: August 25th, 1955
place of birth: Opole, Poland
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Bibliometric Data:
h_index Web of Science=15, Scopus(16), G-Scholar(22)
Listed among top 2% researchers of the World
as reported by Stanford University

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Journey to the area of Kocaeli (Izmit) Earthquake of August 17,1999, Turkey
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